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I am internet-hit whoring. Apologies, dear readers, for this deep betrayal.

Edit: Well, this is a silly post. I’m gonna test out some TeX.

\frac {\partial \psi}{\partial t} = \frac {i\hbar}{2m}\frac{\partial^2 \psi}{\partial x} - \frac i \hbar V(x)
2 + x = 3

Final rotation-related post

Disclaimer: I wrote this entry over a month ago, and only just got to it.

Today, while I was with a subset of Glee Club singing for a bunch of rich doctors, Tom and Danny went to see Randall Munroe speak about things at MIT and then got to get things signed by him.  Rather than having a “sign, move, sign, move” approach to things, he actually took the time to speak to everyone a little bit.  Tom and Danny were thoughtful enough to print out a copy of the first blog in this series and bring it to him to have it signed.  Just to be certain, Tom asked him if the graphs really were unrelated, and Randall responded as follows; “There is lots of data in the world.”  (I won’t go on about this, but I really do think this is some of the most important data in the world; it shows we don’t know anything about the universe.  That’s all.)

So that’s that.  I include a picture in hopefully the most meta moment of my series of blog entries (I can’t speak for the rest of the room):

Randall Munroe acknowledges me indirectly.

Two mildly related things.

1) Yesterday, I reviewed my physics textbook while walking 2.3 mph on a treadmill.  It worked out very well.

2) On the way back from the reception that we sang out, I ate about a meal and a half worth of hors d’oeuvres and am now about to birth a food baby.  Also, it seems the trick to pronouncing things in French is to ignore all the consonants.

Severe internet withdrawal

Ah, the great firewall of China.  It’s been over two weeks since I’ve had access to facebook, YouTube (I have no idea what kind of video Tom embedded in the post below), blogspot, fmylife, Harvardfml, and select Wikipedia articles (including the one on the great firewall of china).

I’m almost having trouble wasting time on the internet; luckily, failblog and the Onion are still accessible.  My Google searches are also limited although I was able to access images of the Tiananmen square incident while I was in Beijing.

Interestingly, Google is considering abandoning its Chinese operations.

More interestingly, why isn’t the most morally decadent site on the internet, 4chan, blocked?
Gotta go, angry voices are knocking at my door.

A silly post. Happy ‘teens, Blandfill!

I’m making a silly post! This is so I can make a more thoughtful post later without having any backlogged sillyness to interfere.

I’ve been playing Diablo 2! I finally beat Duriel. I’m a necromancer and I summon skeletons. That game is hard and sometimes repetitive so I’m gonna lay off for a while.

There was a robotics kickoff! I didn’t sleep last night! Instead I played Diablo 2 with Nico. Nico has returned to school, to the best of my knowledge. So, today I am pulling an all-day-er. I made up this term; it describes when you have been up all night for some reason and, if you were a rational person, you’d go to sleep as soon as you were done with whatever was keeping you up all night. But I decided I want to stay up so that my sleep clock (totes not a biology person, someone explain why it exists) isn’t all screwed up, and I’m trying to make it all the way to normal-people’s-bedtime so I can be set all right and stuff. It’s about 9:20 PM as I’m writing this sentence so I think I’ve been mostly successful! Also hugely sleep deprived, which is why this post is a collection of words that lack logic or intelligence behind them.

Adrian sent this out over that one email list:
I countered with and

Here’s a silly video to break up the pace:

I have been playing the xkcd game for like two whole hours without ending. (The xkcd game is something we made up, I think, where you click “random” until you get a repeated comic.) Usually it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, but I’ve been going really slow and leisurely, analyzing the details of each drawing, trying to make sure I don’t miss any of the jokes. (Like backslash escape sequences, for example — something I wouldn’t catch in a handcuffs reference even if I was vaguely familiar with the idea when comic 234 came out). I think my patience to do it so slowly is very related to my sleep-dep-ness; reading xkcd endlessly is trance-like.

I am reasonably sure that I haven’t been just forgetting which ones I’ve seen since I began playing, since my browser cache would load previously seen images instantly but all the comics I come across load noticeably slower than instantly.

I imagine this blog post is pretty boring. I’m streaming all over my consciousness right now.

This comic is funny.

To come, two posts (which I might combine into one) on less playful topics: A) New year’s resolution (1240×1480? ^_^), B) What happens to me when I am at home.