Photography: II

I figure I owe it to you, dear readers, to continue my photography series. This is my second installment of photographs:

This selection isn’t as experimental or exciting as my first batch, mostly because I had less time to take lots of pictures and had less of a photo stock to draw from — ah, so it goes.

For now my photography hobby, at least inasmuch as high-quality cameras is concerned, is taking a break for a while. I might play around with some panoramas, though. It’s definitely pretty here.

For the time being, I think I’ll pour my creative energies into music instead of photography – this will be the topic of a soon-to-come blog post!

Everybody (or: I’m a proud big brother)

My sister will kill me if she finds out I posted this on the Internet but I just had to share. I’m so proud of her.

11 Everybody

She’s performing an arrangement of Ingrid Michaelson’s “Everybody” with her school’s jazz choir.

The long dark tea-time of the soul

It looks like I’ve been too busy living life to stop and blog about it. I think this is an overall not-too-bad thing – it’s nice to have something resembling “a life”. But I remain filled with ideas, and I find that the best way to let these ideas grow and develop is to force myself to put them up for the whole Internet to see.

So: I intend to make several posts in the next few days, as it looks like I’ll have lots of free time. Apologies to the month of May: it’s not your fault you got no Blandfill posts.

A tiny little snippet: I am in the tropical and rainy town of Hilo, Hawaii. Today is King Kamehameha day: a celebration of the unification of the Hawaiian islands, a day off of work for state employees including those of the University of Hawaii, and a chance for childhood Tom to chuckle at an obscure anime reference. I like it here, even when I don’t have much to do on account of being transportation-less. Life is lived more slowly, I keep my windows wide open 24/7, there are real people. There’s an elegant simplicity to things, despite the fact that this community doesn’t have all that much money (in comparison to developed tourist centers on the other islands). Most of all, I like how this place is the polar opposite of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dear readers: unless I am whisked away on some sort of adventure in the near future, I shall make more posts soon. Until then, listen to some Dio.