Damn it.   I wrote a draft of this post in July with the intention of finalizing it the next week:

China in nutshell: lots of people

July 18 – Commuting takes a toll on your life. We spend a significant portion of our time moving from one place to another without engaging in any sort of stimulating activity, e.g. staring at a subway door for an hour. I’ve suggested before that everyone should just learn how to play blindfold chess to make waiting more bearable (“hey stranger, e4”).

Despite how kickass that scenario would be, it will forever remain a (very geeky) dream. Yesterday , I transferred some Japanese audio lessons to my mp3 player, so we’ll see if I can be productive during an otherwise wasted part of my day.

Now that I remember having this plan, I recall that it wasn’t too successful.  I managed to get through 6 half-hour lessons over the course of a week, but it was just too troublesome to listen carefully to audio lessons on the subway.  Constantly readjusting the volume to counter the noise of the train, getting shuffled around by the throngs of people, and checking my pockets every five seconds due to fear of pickpockets were factors that weren’t very conducive to learning.  Maybe I should try doing this again during my daily commute to Vanserg.

Someone took the name “blandfill” a little too literally

and left a pair of extremely soiled briefs in our dropbox.


We have a new roommate!

His name is Tianyi, and we picked him up at the beginning of the year.  The story goes, we wanted a quint in New Quincy, and we had to find a fifth roommate.  Tianyi had sent an email over the open list requesting roommates, and we happily obliged.

Charles actually met up with Tianyi over the summer a few times in Shanghai and confirmed that he is indeed an awesome person.  He will never tell you himself, but we’re saying it here: he worked for the Shanghai Sharks for the past year, so he knows Yao Ming personally.

More information can be found here.