The first several weeks of this semester were quite possibly the most stressful ones I’ve ever had.  Junior recruiting season for me was marked by an exorbitant number of rejections.  In the end, I got an internship at an investment bank in Chicago, and the people there seem very nice, so I look forward to working with them this summer.

One positive aspect of recruiting (and probably the only one) was the inducement of self-reflection.  I have never delved so deeply into what my true desires are, and I feel more complete with regards to self-understanding as a result of the process.  Will investment banking be a good choice for me right after college, or will I be happier going with a startup?  Even if I am immediately happier working at a startup, which decision is better in the long term?  I suppose I’ll be able to answer these questions better after this summer.

And yes, I have been neglecting this blog for the entire semester.  It’s now summer, and I have a week of free time before I go to Chicago, but I’m not really sure what to do.