An experience of flying through the night-time

I awoke from sleep   to find my feet no longer on solid ground

I was being carried through the air

Beneath me, I gazed upon

hilly, glowing cities half-clothed in clouds of mist

an almost ethereal quality

And with a turn of the neck upwards,

my eyes found a still-richer city: the city of stars in the sky, more numerous than I’d ever dreamt.

Those seemingly immortal beacons of light that outline Orion;

the familiar angles of his hunting dog

the meandering but determined river of light, steadfast in its self-same, looping course

The stars told me I was still on my own world, but the experience suggested otherwise.

Until I dare return to this realm of the sky, I can only dream of what wonders it holds.

Happy New Year!

Apparently I only made one post in all of 2011.  A few updates:

  • Danny and Tianyi both graduated last year
  • We picked up a new roommate, Senan
  • Tom and Duncan are applying for astrophysics/physics grad schools
  • Senior spring!!!

After a summer in banking, I realized that I wasn’t actually very interested in finance.  I came into college with ideas of picking stocks for a career but grew disillusioned along the way.  Stock-picking is fun, to be sure, but I like it more as a hobby.  Banking and trading are not that related to fundamental investing, so I decided to focus on finding a tech or consulting job during senior recruiting.  Fall recruiting proved to be much better for me than junior recruiting, and that can probably be attributed to more interview experience and practice.  In the end, I got my top choice at a large tech firm, and I continue to feel very lucky.  Switching to computer science was definitely one of the best decisions that I made in college.

As for senior spring plans, Tom and I want to rent Zipcars every few weekends and explore New England.

I’ve been home for almost two weeks now, and it’s been very relaxing to be able to read and exercise on a regular schedule.