Done with College!

Well, it’s been a fast four years.  The Blandfill will unfortunately split up after college, but we are pursuing our passions!

Charles – Charles will be working for a large tech company in Seattle.  He’s really looking forward to being on the West Coast.

Danny – Danny is finishing up employment at Harvard, then either taking the rest of the summer off or possibly going to a startup in SF for a while. Then he’s heading off to computer science grad school at Carnegie Mellon to study… something.

Duncan – Duncan will be going to Baltimore in the fall, where he’ll be studying Physics (and Astrophysics) at Johns Hopkins for no less than four but no more than seven years. He will also continue using the third person tense (while writing papers and otherwise) and will watch a lot of The Wire, cause, you know, Baldmore.

Tom – Tom is seeing what life is like as an unemployed hippie for a year, before starting graduate school in astronomy in the midwest. Gonna play lots of guitar and learn how to code good, and maybe even find a menial job!