Short story and a request

Behold, Dear Readers!

Here’s my life update. I am now a graduate student in the Physics and Astronomy (PandA, pronounced panda) program at Johns Hopkins University. I watched all of the Wire to prepare, and was disappointed to learn that the entire series was filmed two miles south of where I’d ever need to go. I also have a new apartment, with a new roommate, whose name is Raymond Simons! He is a good chap, and tonight we made dinner (baked potato, jalapeno salad, and [homemade] fried chicken). I also have a nice room, which has a Star Wars(-ish) corner in it.

I’ve been meaning to put up that AT-AT for years, and the xkcd poster is a gift from Christine that I’ve put up about a year too late :$

I’m pretty happy with how everything’s going here though. Nothing has really happened yet, but I that’s just me being optimistic! I’m not too terrified or cocksure, so as long as I keep a relatively level head everything should be fine (unless the telescope providing my thesis data gets hit with some sort of other satellite).

I’m also trying this whole “be a healthy person” thing, which is virtually impossible if you have access to free, unlimited, semi-palatable dining hall food (I’m looking at you, HUDS), which partially involves becoming healthier. One thing I’ve done is started an account at lose it, the main perk of which seems to be its fantastic ability to know how many calories any food item is (although alcoholic beverages are a bit wonky). Got a goal there, and once I hit it, I will finally figure out how much food my body needs to maintain a steady weight. (Incidentally, The Hacker’s Diet is a very good website for general weight monitoring, and has a very interesting approach to the whole ideal of weight loss).

This all ties into my absence on Fitocracy, of course: (if you’re not a member and you want to be, let me know and I’ll try to send you an invite!). In college I basically worked out when Charles suggested it. This is all well and good when Charles is your roommate, but Charles is on a different coast than me now, so I need to figure out what I have to do and get my schedule.

So now for the request! Readers, how do I figure out what workout is best for me? I know it all depends on your goals, so but to quote Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, “I want to look good naked.” Not exactly, but wouldn’t it nice to actually have some muscle definition in places other than my thumbs?

Anyway, if you have any advice on how one would actually set up a work-out routine and figure out what sort of schedule/exercises should be part of it, please let me know! I’m starting with some yoga tomorrow morning, and who knows what’ll happen after that!

Kinda boring, sorry guys