Typical day

Good morning, world! Here’s a typical day in my life.


7:00A – get briefly woken by my roommate as she gets ready for work. Promptly fall back asleep.

between 8:00A and 9:00A – wake up, take a shower, grab a granola bar and my backpack, and head out. (~half hour). Ride public transit, and read a cool book the whole time. (~one hour)

between 9:30A and 10:30A – get to work. Have breakfast (cereal, and a cup of tea).

During the workday: Code some Java using the IntelliJ IDE, create or close tickets using JIRA, commit code using git. Occasionally have meetings or create google docs showing coworkers what I’m up to. My desk is pretty big, and I sit in a row of desks (there are no cubes or offices in my company) next to my mentor and near other members of my team.

Mondays and Wednesdays at noon: All-office catered lunch. Usually Asian or otherwise non-American food; usually pretty good. Free food, man!

Occasional other days at noon: sometimes some coworkers and I go out to lunch: we get take-out and bring it to this place and eat it, and it’s sunny and stuff. I try not to eat out more than once a week because food is expensive in this city.

Alternating Wednesdays/Thursdays at 7pm, once per week: Game Night or Movie Night at work, where we all get free beer and play board games or watch Jurassic Park. The beer fridge at work is well-stocked and up to my standards.

Mondays and Thursdays, 7-9p: Kendo practice at the SF Kendo Dojo! I just started. Their Monday practice is in the gym attached to a Buddhist church.

Alternating Tuesdays, 7p: Voice lessons in the Mission. I just signed up and my first lesson is next week. We’ll see how it goes – it’s expensive as balls so I might only do a couple of lessons.

Days without evening plans: I leave work at roughly 7pm, commute home (reading again), and eat when I get home.

9 or 10pm: Spend half an hour playing guitar, half an hour (or more) working on my science project, and a bit of time doing quick chores and/or hanging with my roommate.

I’m rather digging the public transit commute, mainly since I have roughly two hours a day of uninterrupted reading time. I don’t know if it’s objectively the best use of my time, but I’m getting a lot of reading done and saving tremendous amounts of money where I live versus if I lived in the city closer to work, and it’s a really straightforward commute (a bus, then subway). I’ve read through The Good Rain (Egan), Running the Rift (Benaron), and just started Collapse (Diamond). It’s good for my brain.

This is just a quick snapshot. Feel free to ask me how work is going!

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