About Us

Who are you guys?

We’re four college roommates who like computers, the Internet, video games, free things, Futurama, and not working.

What is this blog about?

This blog is a collection of ideas that we wish to share with the world.

Why are you called “the blandfill”?

Freshman year, we (Tom, Duncan, Danny and Charles) were in entryway B of our dorm, and someone decided to give our rooms different names that started with “bl”.  The entryway was named the blodge, and the rooms were the blounge, the blibrary, the bliving room, the bladies room, the bloft, and the bluxury suite where our proctor lived.  Being the messiest ones (we temporarily had a pile of trash bags in the center of our common room), we were dubbed “the blandfill”.   We protested it at first, but the name grew on us.

Who is Tianyi?

During the end of sophomore year, we decided that we wanted a quint for our room next year, so we picked up a floater.  Tianyi had taken a couple of years off, and he sent an email over an open list requesting roommates.  Seeing that he wasn’t a crazy person/humanities concentrator, we decided to assimilate him into the blandfill.


Duncan has a disease which prevents him from looking directly at cameras.

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