Charles is an econ major with an affinity for computers. Charles is a computer science major with an interest in economics.  He enjoys playing ping pong, pool, and chess.  Back in March 2009, Charles broke his addictions to Counter-Strike and Starcraft and for the sake of academics, decided to go on a video game hiatus until Starcraft II was released.  The release date flew by, but he no longer has the same urges for time wasting.

4 Responses to “ “Charles”

  1. Vicky Ge says:

    Because you all told me to comment on your blog.

    This is probably the best photo of Charles ever.

  2. Martin Ye says:

    Ouch, Vicky. Charles doesn’t have a best photo because all of them are glorious.

  3. Helen Y says:

    you guys are awesome!

  4. Jessica says:

    Photos, no matter how glorious, never do Charles justice.

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